The German National Platform
for Electric Mobility

How does the German National Platform for Electric Mobility work? Who is involved in developing the electric mobility system in Germany?

The German National Platform for Electric Mobility (NPE) orchestrates the development of electric mobility in Germany. The advisory body of the Federal Government brings together 150 representatives from industry, science, politics, trade unions and trade associations for strategic dialogue. Collectively, they investigate the economic, social and environmental potential of electric mobility and recommend actions for politicians and business.


The platform is made up of the steering committee as a decision-making body, the six topic-specific working groups that meet throughout the year, and the editorial team. The editorial team supports the steering committee in the elaboration of reports and other publications of the NPE. The NPE is supported by the Federal Government’s Joint Agency for Electric Mobility (GGEMO). The Office of the NPE's Chairman (based at acatech - National Academy of Science and Engineering) comperes the platform, supports the Chairman in his work and coordinates the NPE's communication.

The number of working groups (WG) has meanwhile been reduced from seven to six: The field of action "Lightweight Construction" having been successfully processed, the subjects "Materials and Recycling" were integrated into WG 1 (Vehicle Technology) and 2 (Battery Technology). Since early 2015, WG 6 (General Framework) is focussing questions of "Urban Planning and Intermodality". Also, the WG Education has successfully completed its work. Its place was filled by the sub-group Information and Communication Technologies, which was developed into a regular WG due to the importance of the issues it adresses.