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What is the vision for 2020? What are the main elements of the electric mobility system?

Electric mobility protects the climate, environment and resources, promotes technological innovations and enables new business models. It is a task that encompasses all sections of society and covers a great deal more than just electric vehicles. Numerous components – from drive technologies to charging infrastructure – come together to form the electric mobility system. At the heart of this are the users. To ensure that they can choose from a range of offerings and that only the best technologies and services win through, the German National Platform for Electric Mobility (NPE) pursues an approach that is market-orientated and open to different technologies.

The vision for 2020

The NPE’s vision for 2020 is an electric mobility system widely accepted by society that reliably meets individual mobility needs. Electric vehicles are a natural part of road traffic. Their users are seen as progressive and environmentally aware. Companies have used information and communication technologies in particular to position innovative business models and high-tech, user-friendly products on the market. On a dynamic market, users select mobility offerings that suit their particular needs. Comprehensive education and training offerings ensure high standards among experts and secure Germany’s leading supplier status.