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What is the vision for 2020? What are the main elements of the electric mobility system?

Electric mobility protects the climate, environment and resources, promotes technological innovations and enables new business models. It is a task that encompasses all sections of society and covers a great deal more than just electric vehicles. Numerous components – from drive technologies to charging infrastructure – come together to form the electric mobility system. At the heart of this are the users. To ensure that they can choose from a range of offerings and that only the best technologies and services win through, the German National Platform for Electric Mobility (NPE) pursues an approach that is market-orientated and open to different technologies.

The approach


People want to achieve their goals in a fast, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly process. The NPE thus views electric mobility from the users’  point of view – as an integrated offering ranging from fast charging and driving fun with attractive vehicles and tailor-made mobility services with electricity from renewable energies. Electric mobility is thus more than just vehicles. It is a system – vehicles, energy supply and transport infrastructure are interlinked and form a sustainable mobility system that transcends the boundaries of traditional industrial sectors. At the heart of this system are the users.

Open technology

Different needs require made-to-measure solutions. In a customer-friendly electric mobility system, users thus need to be able to choose between different technologies. Electric mobility drives therefore don’t just include battery electric vehicles (BEV) but also plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and range extenders (REEV). A common feature of these drive concepts is that the vehicles can be charged directly from the power grid.

Drive technologies (Source: NPE)


The NPE aims at a self-supporting market, as the best solutions for the electric mobility system will win through in a competitive market place. A self-supporting market provides additional employment and sustainable value creation. The NPE is developing the electric mobility system in three phases.